Hyoid Bone

What is the Hyoid Bone The hyoid, also known as the lingual or tongue bone, is a small horseshoe-shaped bone in the neck. The name of this bone has been derived from the Greek word ‘hyoeides’, meaning ‘upsilon-shaped’ or ‘U-shaped’. It is one of the most unique bones in the human body as it does […]

Sphenoid Bone

What is the Sphenoid Bone The sphenoid is one of the eight cranial bones that make up the skull. It is a large, complex, unpaired bone, deriving its name from Greek’ sphenoeides’, meaning wedge-shaped. The bone forms a significant portion of the middle part of the skull base and the floor of the middle cranial […]


What is Maxilla Maxilla (plural: maxillae) is one of the eight facial bones that form the facial skeleton. It is the second largest bone of the face. As it forms the upper jaw holding the upper set of teeth, it is sometimes referred to as the upper jaw bone. It also forms the lower parts […]


What is the Stapes Stapes, also known as the stirrup bone, is one of the three ear ossicles found in the middle ear, besides the incus and malleus. It is also the most medial of the three middle ear bones and the smallest bone in the human body. The name of the bone comes from […]

Lacrimal Bone

What is the Lacrimal Bone The lacrimal bone is a tiny, fragile facial bone with a complex structure and vital functions. The paired bone is roughly the size of the little fingernail, making up the anterior part of the eye socket’s medial wall. Its name is derived from the Latin word ‘lacrima’, meaning ‘tear’, as […]

Temporal Bones

What is the Temporal Bone The temporal, one of the eight cranial bones, is a paired bone that forms a significant portion of the base and lateral wall of the skull. They protect the temporal lobe of the brain, hence the name. Where is the Temporal Bone Located The temporal bones are located on the […]

Pubis (Pubic Bone)

What is the Pubis The pubis is one of the three bones that fuse to form the hip bone, the other two being the ilium and ischium. It is the front portion of the hip bone. Where is the Pubic Bone Located The pubic bone is located at the front of the hip bone, close […]


What is the Ischium The ischium is one of the three bones of the hip bone, aside from the ilium and pubis. It forms the lower and back parts of the hip bone. Where is the Ischium Bone Located Ischium is located beneath the ilium and behind the pubis. Quick Facts Type  Irregular Bone How […]


What is the Ilium Bone Ilium (plural: ilia), also known as the iliac bone, is one of the three bones that fuse to form the hip bone. The other two are the ischium and pubis.  This largest and uppermost bone of the hip is an essential part of the pelvic girdle. Where is the Iliac […]

Hip Bone (Coxal Bone)

What is the Hip Bone Hip bone, also known as the coxal bone, innominate bone, or pelvic bone, is an irregular bone found on both sides of the body. These left and right hip bones join to form the pelvic girdle, where the delicate organs of the lower abdomen are found. Though it looks like […]