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What is Lumbar Vertebrae

The lumbar is the third group of vertebrae found in the lower back. There are five lumbar vertebrae (L1-L5) in the spine that support the upper body’s weight and provide flexibility and movement to the body. These are the largest among the five groups of vertebrae found in the spine.

Where is the Lumbar Vertebrae Located

These vertebrae are located in the lower back, starting from just the 12th thoracic spine and extending up to the sacrum.


Lumbar vertebrae support the upper body’s weight and connect the upper part of the spine to the pelvis.

Anatomy of Lumbar Vertebrae

Similar to other typical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae also have the following bony landmarks:

Lumbar Vertebrae

Each lumbar vertebra has a thick, kidney-shaped vertebral body and a vertebral arch. A pair of pedicles and laminae from each arch arises on both sides, enclosing the triangular vertebral foramen.A quadrilateral bony protrusion, the spinous process arises from the middle of the vertebral arch, projecting backward and downward. On either side of the spinous process, there are bony wing-like projections called the transverse processes. Several spinal muscles attach to the spinous and transverse processes. On the posterior side of the base of each transverse process, there are accessory processes. Two bony projections, the superior and inferior articular processes arises from both sides of the arch, bearing their corresponding facets (superior articular facet and inferior articular facet).


Besides the typical intervertebral symphyses and zygapophyseal joints, the lumbar vertebrae also has the following joint:

  1. Lumbosacral Joint: This joint is formed between the fifth lumbar vertebra (L5) and the first sacral segment (C1).

Muscule and Ligament Attachments

Muscles attached

  1. Erector spinae
  2. Interspinales
  3. Intertransversarii
  4. Latissimus dorsi
  5. Rotatores
  6. Serratus (posterior and inferior)

Ligaments attached

  1. Ligamenta flava
  2. Anterior longitudinal ligament
  3. Posterior longitudinal ligament
  4. Intratransverse ligament
  5. Interspinous ligament
  6. Nuchal ligament
  7. Supraspinous ligament
  8. Facet capsular ligament


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