Axis Bone (C2)

What is the Axis The axis is 1 of the only 2 vertebrae with a unique name and purpose. It is the 2nd bone out of the 7 in the uppermost section of the spinal column, the cervical vertebra. It is also referred to as the C2 vertebra or epistropheus (rarely). Its name derives from […]

Atlas Bone (C1)

What is the Atlas The human vertebral or spinal column can be divided into the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines. The cervical spine includes the first 7 vertebrae following the skull down the upper back. The atlas is the first of these 7 cervical vertebrae and is also referred to as the 1st cervical vertebrae […]


What Are Rib Bones The ribs are 12 pairs of curved, flat bones that form the thoracic cage or rib cage, the bony structure that shapes the thoracic cavity and protects various organs. Despite being relatively thin and light, these bones are highly resilient. Where Are the Ribs Located Ribs are located in the chest. […]

Nasal Bones

What is the Nasal Bone The nasal bone is a paired bone in the human skull. The small flat bones are part of the facial skeleton, forming the upper part of the nose.  Where is it located The two nasal bones are located side by side between the frontal processes of the left and right […]

Inferior Nasal Concha

What is the Inferior Nasal Concha The inferior nasal concha is a small, paired facial bone. It is one of the three bony structures that form the lateral wall of the nasal cavity, the other two being the superior and middle conchae. Unlike these two, the inferior nasal concha is an independent bone in the […]


What is the Malleus The malleus is the largest of the three middle ear ossicles. The name derives from the Latin word for a mallet or hammer. Where is the Malleus Located It is the most lateral of all the middle ear ossicles, which means it is the first ear bone found when entering the […]

Parietal Bone

What is the Parietal Bone The parietal is a large, flat, paired cranial bone that forms a considerable portion of the skull. Where is the Parietal Bone Located The parietal bones are located on either side of the skull, making up most of the top and sides of the head. They are part of the […]

Fifth Metatarsal

What is the Fifth Metatarsal The fifth or 5th metatarsal is the second shortest of the five metatarsals (the shortest one being the first metatarsal), located at the proximal end of the fifth proximal phalanx. It can be felt on the outer edge of the foot, below the smallest tow, which the bone is associated […]

Fourth Metatarsal

What is the Fourth Metatarsal The fourth metatarsal is the long bone located at the proximal end of the fourth proximal phalanx. The third longest of all the metatarsals, it is associated with the fourth toe and is analogous to the fourth metacarpal in the hand. Anatomy and Landmarks The bone is divided into a […]

Third Metatarsal

What is the Third Metatarsal The third or 3rd metatarsal is the long bone located on the proximal end of the third proximal phalanx in the middle toe. It is the second longest of all the metatarsal bones and is analogous to the third metacarpal of the hand. Anatomy and Landmarks Like the other 4 […]

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