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What is the Fourth Metatarsal

The fourth metatarsal is the long bone located at the proximal end of the fourth proximal phalanx. The third longest of all the metatarsals, it is associated with the fourth toe and is analogous to the fourth metacarpal in the hand.

Anatomy and Landmarks

The bone is divided into a head, body, and base.

Fourth Metatarsal


It has three articular facets at the proximal end, at its base. The quadrilateral facet articulates with the cuboid bone. The oval facet located medially serves as the point of articulation with the third metatarsal. There is a bony ridge separating the oval facet from another single smooth facet on the lateral side of the bone which articulates with the fifth metatarsal.

On the distal end, the head of the fourth metatarsal articulates with the fourth proximal phalanx.

Muscle Attachment

  • The 1st plantar interosseus attach to the medial side of the body of the fourth metatarsal.
  • The 2nd dorsal interosseus also attaches in the same region.
  • On the lateral side, the third dorsal interosseus attaches to the bone.
  • The adductor hallucis muscle’s oblique head originates from the base of the fourth, as well as the second and third metatarsals.


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