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What is the Third Metatarsal

The third or 3rd metatarsal is the long bone located on the proximal end of the third proximal phalanx in the middle toe. It is the second longest of all the metatarsal bones and is analogous to the third metacarpal of the hand.

Anatomy and Landmarks

Like the other 4 metatarsals, this bone has a head, body, and base.

Third Metatarsal


With its triangular base on the proximal end, it articulates with the lateral cuneiform bone. There are two articular facets on the medial side of the base where the bone articulates with the second metatarsal. Laterally, there is another facet to articulate with the fourth metatarsal.

At its distal end, the head articulates with the third proximal phalanx.

Muscle Attachment

  • The second dorsal interosseus and the first plantar interosseus muscles attach to the medial side of the body of the third metatarsal.
  • The lateral side of its body acts as the attachment point for the third dorsal interosseus.


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