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What is the Nasal Bone

The nasal bone is a paired bone in the human skull. The small flat bones are part of the facial skeleton, forming the upper part of the nose. 

Where is it located

The two nasal bones are located side by side between the frontal processes of the left and right maxillae. They can be felt in the upper middle part of the face, at the nose bridge.

Nasal Bone

Quick Facts

TypeFlat bone
How many are there in the human body2
Articulates with Frontal bone (paired), maxillae (paired)


Their main function is to form the front wall of the nasal cavity and protect it from outer elements and accidental trauma. 

They join with each other to form the bridge of the nose, which is why these two bones are primarily responsible for the shape of the nose.

Their size and form often vary from one person to another, resulting in the unique shape and size of noses in different individuals.


Each bone has 2 surfaces and 4 borders. 


  1. External surface: It is the convex outer surface covered by the facial muscles procerus and compressor naris. A small foramen at the center of each nasal bone allows passage to a small vein.
  2. Internal surface: The concave inner surface marked with a groove allows the anterior ethmoidal nerve to pass. It is a branch of the nasociliary nerve, a sensory nerve in the eye (part of the ophthalmic nerve)

Borders and Articulations

  1. Superior border: This narrow and serrated border articulates with the frontal bone’s nasal part at the frontonasal suture.
  2. Lateral border: Yet another beveled, serrated border, it forms the nasomaxillary suture where it connects with the maxilla’s frontal process.
  3. Inferior border: The thin lower border is connected to the lateral nasal cartilage with the only important landmark being a small notch where the groove for the anterior ethmoidal nerve ends.
  4. Medial border: This is where the two nasal bones articulate with each other at the internasal suture. A projection or crest on the posterior side of the border on each bone partially forms the nasal septum. The crest attaches to the frontal bone’s nasal spine, the ethmoid’s perpendicular plate, and the septal cartilage.


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