Short Bones

What are Short Bones

The bones in the human body that has approximately the same width and length are classified as short bones. 

These bones often have a cube shape, and primarily comprise spongy bone, except for the thin outer surface made up of a layer of compact bone.

List of Short Bones in the Body

Short Bones

Carpal (wrist) bones

  1. Scaphoid
  2. Lunate 
  3. Triquetrum
  4. Pisiform 
  5. Trapezium 
  6. Trapezoid 
  7. Capitate
  8. Hamate

Tarsal (ankle) bones

  1. Talus
  2. Calcaneus
  3. Navicular
  4. Cuboid
  5. Medial cuneiform
  6. Intermediate cuneiform
  7. Lateral cuneiform 

The patella or kneecap is sometimes considered a short bone due to its shape, but it is more commonly classified as the biggest sesamoid bone in the human body.


These bones support the wrist and ankle to keep the region stable and compact. Though they do not move much, they allow a limited amount of movement to the wrist and ankle.


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